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One of the ways for the Dairy industry to be seen as relevant in the political conversation is for us to build our PAC and distribute the dollars to candidates who are believed to have meaningful influence in the decision making process in Oregon and in Washington DC. Isn’t it time to shift from a defensive position to a position of Offense? That can happen if we strive to elect candidates who have a favorable opinion and appreciation for the importance of Oregon Agriculture to the State’s economy and protection of our natural resources. The following is a sampling of the myriad issues the Oregon Dairy Farmers Association has been working on:

State Level

  • Passage of Legislation to allow farmers a seat at the table when conservation projects are sited on land adjoining active farm land.
  • Opposition of GMO legislation that would prohibit production of federally approved GMO crops in Oregon.
  • Passage of Legislation to maintain Biomass Tax Credit.
  • Opposition of State-by-State Animal Antibiotic legislation.
  • Support for Oregon State University Funding and the hiring of the Willamette Valley Dairy Specialist.
  • Support for continued production of 500 acres of Canola in Willamette Valley to allow for more data to be collected and studied by OSU.

Federal Level

  • Support for GMO labeling at the Federal Level.
  • Support for Immigration Reform to ensure a reliable workforce.
  • Support for Congressional approval of the Trans Pacific Partnership Act to open export markets for Dairy.
  • EPA’s “Waters of the US” Rules and the need for Congress to intervene to insist on clarity.

Mailing Address

Donations can be mailed to:
Oregon DairyPAC
89286 Cranberry Lane
Bandon, OR 97411

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