Serving Oregon Dairy Families

Oregon is home to just under 200 multi-generational dairy farm families. They work 365 days a year to bring fluid milk to market that consumers enjoy in their morning coffee, or in processed form as cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Farms range in size and structure.  The end product is healthy, nutritious and contributes to both the economy and environment.

Our Mission

ODFA works to create an atmosphere that is conducive for Oregon Dairy producers of all types, all sizes and in all areas of the state. This is achieved by:

Create Fair Results

Working with local, state, regional and federal organizations to establish a climate for Oregon dairy farmers. ODFA works with regulatory agencies, dairy organizations and other agricultural groups to create fair results.

Address Industry Issues

Proactively addressing industry issues and concerns. Current issues include, but are not limited to, the environment, rural-urban interface, milk marketing, food safety, immigration and animal welfare. Development of producer programs and educational material is one way in which ODFA tries to address issues and concerns.

Environmentally Sensitive

Working proactively with environmental groups and animal welfare organizations to share thoughts, ideas and encourage collaborative outcomes.

Collaborating with OSU

Collaborating with and supporting Oregon State University in all areas including research, facilities, students and teaching.

Supporting Youth Activities

Encouraging and supporting the youth of the dairy industry. ODFA supports youth activities such as 4-H, FFA and the Oregon State University Dairy Program.

Dairy Industry Overview and Economic Impact

The Oregon Dairy Farmers Association (ODFA) was founded in 1892 to work on behalf of Oregon dairy farmers. Today, ODFA represents nearly 200 multi-generational dairy farming families. Dairy farms are located in 20 counties and approximately 126,000 cows call Oregon “home.”

ODFA strives to create an atmosphere that is conducive for all Oregon dairy producers. These farms are extremely diverse family businesses. Some are very small and others are large, some are organic (nearly 20%) and others conventional but all are family businesses. Our producers work hard, 365 days a year to provide a high quality, nutritious milk supply. Fluid milk is the foundation for cheese, yogurt and ice cream, enjoyed by consumers around the world.

Milk is the fourth most valuable agricultural commodity produced in Oregon, generating just over $552 million in gross farm sales in 2019.

Environmental Stewardship

Since 1993, all Oregon dairies have maintained a Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Permit. Administered by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, the CAFO permit provides a checks and balance system to ensure protection of the waters of the state. This program benefits the environment, the dairy industry and all Oregonians.

Milk Quality and Safety

In the national rankings, Oregon consistently places in the top ten states for milk quality. Producing high quality milk can only be achieved with proper animal husbandry practices, good management and healthy cows.

All Oregon dairy farms have a Grade A Milk License. With this license, dairy farms are inspected on a regular basis by both the Oregon Department of Agriculture and United States Department of Agriculture to further ensure milk quality and safety.