Oregon Dairy Farmers Association
To Promote an atmosphere in Oregon for dairy farmers to prosper and grow
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Oregon Dairy Farmers Association works on behalf of Oregon’s dairy farming families.

Dairy farming is more than a full-time job, it is a lifestyle. With animals to care for, crops to nurture and cows to milk, the majority of an Oregon dairy farmer’s day is spent on the farm. So, Oregon’s dairy farming families rely on the Oregon Dairy Farmers Association (ODFA) to help them through the issues that directly impact their farm and their farming practices.

ODFA works with regulatory agencies to create science-based regulation and encourages legislators to pass thoughtful legislation in an effort to create an environment that will continue to allow Oregon dairy farmers the opportunity to provide a safe, local source of food for all of Oregon’s families.

ODFA also supports credible research efforts and communicates the scientific findings to Oregon dairy farmers to ensure that the best available information is available for the dairy farmer when it comes time to make decisions.

Oregon dairy farmers are committed to caring for their animals, protecting the environment, producing safe, high quality milk with the help of their families and their invaluable employees. ODFA helps Oregon dairy farmers achieve this goal.

ODFA has been representing Oregon’s dairy farming families since 1892. Currently, ODFA represents Oregon’s 260 dairy farms and 123,000 dairy cows.

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