Clint Swindall

Clint Swindall, CSP

Convention Speaker

The Good Revolution! Building a Culture Focused on the Good Stuff 

We’re surrounded by negativity. In fact, we live in a world prepared to point out all the bad staff around us. Each day we witness the destructive impact of cynicism, pessimism, and criticism.

While we all have daily challenges to face, we have an obligation to look for the good stuff in our lives and overcome the negativity! The fact is this … we are surrounded by good stuff that provides hope for a brighter tomorrow. Overcoming the challenge of negativity in our lives requires more than a motivational gimmick. Building a culture focused on the good stuff requires a specific roadmap toward transformational thinking.

In this high-energy keynote, we’ll identify some specific ways to lead the revolution to get people (and yourself) focused on the good stuff.