Research Grant

2018 Grant Information will be posted to the website when it becomes available.

The Oregon Dairy Farmers Association is inviting research proposals for consideration. Proposals should focus on applied research important to Oregon’s dairy industry.

Approximately $75,000 is available from the Oregon Dairy Farmers Association. The research committee has established the subject matter priorities listed below.

Dairy Research Priorities

The Oregon Dairy Farmers Association is interested in projects that are related to enhancing profitability and sustainability of dairy operations in Oregon through:

  1. Air quality (e.g. odor; feed storage and management; etc.)
  2. Animal welfare and employee protocols
  3. Water use/irrigation management and technologies
  4. Enhancement of quality and production of forages
  5. Animal disease and health
  6. Improved farm protocols to increase milk quality
  7. Manure management/nitrogen efficiency and management (e.g. odor; composting; etc.)
  8. Pasture management improvements
  9. Improvement in reproductive efficiency
  10. Feed efficiency

Follow the proposal format (Attachment A) and limit your proposal to four (4) pages or less for Attachment A items. Proposals exceeding four pages will automatically be eliminated. Attachments B and C must be included as part of your proposal but are not included in the four page limit. The review panel is composed primarily of dairy producers. Please write your proposal clearly in non-technical language, and cite key references.

How to Apply

2018 Grant Information will be posted to the website when it becomes available.

Proposals awarded funding will be notified by the Agricultural Research Foundation.

Important Note: Progress reports and final reports are mandatory. Progress reports for 2017 funding will be due no later than September 1, 2017. Final reports for 2017 funding are due June 30, 2018. Researchers who do not submit reports as scheduled may not be eligible for funding for the remainder of the fiscal year in which the report is due and possible future fiscal years at the discretion of the ODFA board.

Thank you for your consideration of these requirements to facilitate the work funded by the Oregon Dairy Farmers Association. If you have questions, please contact Tami Kerr at